Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Promises to Ponder

A Study of Psalm 91.

1. What did Psalm 91:1 mean when it describes God as both the Most High & the Almighty? How do these two names interlock together? (Genesis 14:18, 17:1) 

2. What is the shelter of the Most High, and how do we dwell in it? (verses 1, 14) 

3. What does Psalm 91:1 say about God’s sovereignty in relationship to man’s free will? (verse 1) 

4. How is God like a shadow? (verse 1) 

5. What types of problems does Psalm 91 discuss? How can we relate them to our everyday lives?

{The sun (verse 1), opposing armies (verse 2) Being trapped (verse 3) plague (verses 3, 6, 10) , terrors of the night (verse 5), arrows (verse 5), pestilence (verse 6), mass death (verse 7), foot injuries (verse 12), lions, cobras, serpents (verse 13)} 

6. Psalm 91:2 describes God as both a refuge and a fortress. How is God like those? Do you suppose that Psalm 91:2 might be drawing upon a real place? If so, where? Why there? (Genesis 13:18, Joshua 21:13, 2 Samuel 2:1, Genesis 17:1) 

7. Who do you suppose is the hunter in Psalm 91:3? Is anyone hunting you? Who? How? 

8. How is God like a bird, and how does that explain God’s behavior toward me? What kind of bird? (verse 4) 

9. What is the terror of the night, and how can you escape it? (verse 5) 

10. Psalm 91:5-10 ties premature death with both war and disease. How can you escape death if others cannot? 

11. Psalm 91:10 says that no harm can come upon me. Is this arrogant? How is faith similar to boasting? How does it differ? 

12. Explain the ministry of angels in our lives. Who orders them? (verses 11-13) 

13. What are the implications of knowing or not knowing God’s name? How does God’s name protect us? (verse 14) 

14. When will God deliver us, and how will he do it? (verse 15) 

15. When God delivers us, what is the side benefit? (15-16) 

16. Who wrote Psalm 91? What was its purpose?

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