Monday, March 28, 2011

Faith: How to Stop Doubt

1. When uncertain about the will of God, I should ask God... 

"what is your will, and how should I pray in this situation?" 

2. Human reason is in conflict with my Faith. 

When I trust God, He gets involved with His awesome power no matter what. 

3. Don't depend on feelings, but what God has said. 

4. Don't depend on the negative council of others. 

5. Don't focus or ponder on circumstances. If I focus on circumstances, they get bigger and bigger.  

Ask am I going to believe what I see, hear, feel, or am I going to believe what God has said? 

When God has told you something, do not change your mind. 

We must believe the promise for it to be activated. 

Satan tries to redirect our thoughts from God and His promises onto our circumstances and our senses. 

6. Make a decision. 

Choose to believe that God is trustworthy, faithful, and does exactly what He says. 

Say I refuse to doubt God any longer. 
Say I refuse to think about circumstances. 

The wavering stops with this choice. This decision stops doubting. 

7. Get into God's Word and meditate on His promises. 

Tell Satan that you have absolute confidence in God's promises. 

Remember that nothing is working against you. 

Refuse to doubt God. 

Keep refusing. 

8. Watch, expect, and anticipate the answer to the request. 

It is like an adventure on how God will meet your needs.

James 1:2-8 (taken from notes from Charles Stanley) 

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