Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Listen to God

Genesis 12:1-5 (Charles Stanley) 1. I must learn to listen to God. I must identify His voice. This requires attentive listening. 2. I must obey God's voice to continue to hear His voice. Every act of obedience will build my Faith. (Abraham did not seek God when he went to Egypt, and picked up Hagar). 3. I must depend upon God. (Abraham believed God to get him to Canaan, but he did not believe God during famine by going to Egypt). 4. I must learn to wait on God for his timing. The more talented a person the greater they will want to handle it. Stop. Watch. Wait. If I am to know God, I must wait upon God. (Hager was a gift to Abraham while he was in Egypt). If I don't wait, I get what I can do. If I wait, I get what God can do. 5. I must acknowledge my Faith failures to God and learn from them. When Abraham learned to listen to God, He obeyed God immediately. He was willling to sacrifice Isaac to God, and believed God for his resurrection. In the critical moments in our lives if we are not listening to God, we will spend a lifetime regretting it.

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